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Restart the Enigma Engine. This is your only purpose. Descend into the depths and use everything you are capable of to survive. Complete your objective at all costs for the consequences of failure are immeasurable. 


A horror dungeon crawl made for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Spooks game jam based on the theme of Architectural Horror.

Current Pre-Alpha Teaser. Full release coming soon, early 2021.

Teaser Controls

Movement: WASD/Arrow Key

Interact/Item Pickup: E

Fire: Left Mouse Button

Num 1: Pistol 

Num 2: Pipe Club

Num 3: Heal


This is a pre alpha teaser, and as such, there are a bunch of problems we know exist upon shipping this. These problems will be fixed for the final version:

- Some sounds do not play correctly or are missing


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Enigma Engine Teaser V0.4.zip 212 MB

Development log


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игра реально страшная и атмосферная, кажется как будто попал в 2000-е года

This had a really nice atmosphere. There'd need to be work on the AI and combat visual feedback perhaps, but it looks promising.

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Saw you guys at Perth Games Festival - this really looked exciting - a little feedback ; I honestly had trouble telling the Company name from the Game title! Perhaps just due to lack of reiterating the company name  ( made it a little more difficult to find you here). Are there plans to make this available on linux platform? Keeping watch on 'nilas' also :)

My video on Enigma Engine.

Gorgeous creatures, environment and audio!

Hiya! For some reason I'm having severe lag issues in the game after the main menu. Running this on a Windows 10 Asus Gaming Laptop so not sure what might be causing the issue?

Nice little game you got here! Love the overall aesthetic of the enviroment (Somewhat of a steampunk design?), although I got a bit confused I manage to get right on track. The AI pathing is a bit wonky sometimes but is to be expected (No complains there). The only thing I'd love to see added on later updates would be a flashlight.On the other hand, I'm looking forward to more updates! Here is my gameplay video.. 

I played this for 2 minutes and then quit out of fear. 10/10 will be purchasing when released.

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good retro

Deleted 150 days ago

ah, this is cos we only uploaded a zipped version through the website, so for now you just need to do it through your web browser. I think I’ll look into this today, a few people have had this problem 

Deleted 150 days ago
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Any chance of getting a macOS build? (or linux)


Ill do a macos and linux build tonight.



linux build seems to not have any sound, not sure whats going on. I'll look into macOS

I was really looking forward to this but it looks like my PC will not allow me to run it.
My windows virus protection is turned off, but it will delete the .exe saying the file contains "Trojan:Win32/Emelent.A!cl"

I'm really sorry ;-; we are currently under a big obligation that is taking up all our time, but rest assured this will be the first problem we fix when we can; It seems to be a big problem for everyone

Thank you so much, please take it easy. I will look forward to being able to play it. :)

Hey, we figured it out! you can now download the game, which also now has some more bugfixes.

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You're the best!

Are you looking for feedback?

Not in particular right now, just cos we know most of the main issues with the game and plan to work on it quite a lot after our next *SECRET* project is done :3

This was so great! Love the claustrophobic maze-like level design, and the gorgeous soundtrack/sound effects! The world is interesting, too. Can't wait to see more.

I do like the CRT filter/scanlines as an artistic choice - it really helps the atmosphere, the sense of "oh shit, what is *that*" - but I kind of wished I could tone it down/turn it off.

yeah, we had some problems with the build resolution, and that caused the scan lines to appear much more intense ;-; graphics settings will be included in the full release so that it can be turned off/tweaked


I get this error when trying to launch the game:

"<Filepath>\Enigma Engine Pre-Alpa Teaser.exe
Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software"

Some seconds later it looks like Windows quietly deletes the .exe but it doesn't show up in Recycle Bin. I tried extracting from the .zip again,but it still deletes itself after a minute whether or not I attempt to run it.

Heya, unfortunately we won't have the time to be able to bugfix this (we're immediately going into another secret project) but the prescribed fix i could find online is to temporarily disable your antivirus when playing, then enable it again afterward.

Appreciate the response. I'll give it a try and report back when I can. :D The game looks amazing and I'm excited to give it a try! Best of luck on your next thing as well.


We fixed this problem, so you should be able to play now

Thanks! Sorry to keep coming back with bugs, but now that I get the game started, I seem to be stuck as soon as I spawn into the first level. I can only wiggle around in place a little next to the ladder.

Hmm, i don't think i've ever seen that error before :( We can look into it, but i'm not sure what to do if we cant replicate it

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God I could not be more excited


yes. just yes.


looks cool

I am so super excited for this. ^-^