Devlog #1 Train Tunnel and the Harvesters

Hey everyone. We have made some good progress today. The Train Tunnel area is nearing completion and the introduction of a rather unsightly new face, the Harvester. 

The Train Tunnel is your first breath of not really fresh air after navigating through the introductory service tunnels. The Train Tunnel is a simple station that is one of innumerable others, but it is significant to our little cogs as it is the first major route choice. The cogs can cross two small precarious bridges to reach a number of long since deprecated buildings while massive rumbling trains pass below hauling more meat for the grinder. While appearing massive to the cogs after leaving the service tunnels, it is only to prepare them for the vastness of the Enigma Engine's deeper tissue. 

With the introduction of the Train Tunnel and its open space comes the Harvesters. The Harvesters have one roll in the Enigma Engine like every other cog. The Harvesters collect the corpses of "used up" cogs and take them to the many processing facilities so they may be recycled. The Harvesters design is based off the silhouette of the Blue Bottle jellyfish or Portuguese Man'O'War for its sinister and foreboding appearance.

Thanks for looking forward to playing our game everyone. There will be more updates as we inch closer and closer to the end of the Haunted PS1 Summer of Spooks.

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wow! it looks amazing!