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Loved the game, great atmosphere and nice graphics.


I liked it; great atmosphere :D

Thanks! That's pretty much all we had time to get right lolol


I want to run

The Shadow Over Yangebup

Good game! I anxious the whole time and very creeped out!

really good one:0 

I'm sure I was doing something wrong but I always seemed to get a bad ending at random points.

I'd love to have another look at it if I was doing something wrong.


Heya, thanks for playing! Unfortunately, we didn't get the time during the jam to add a proper ending, so you always will die at the end of the dirt road. The way to avoid dying until that point is to turn around periodically, which scares away the monster.


I'll give that a go and see if I can get a bit further than before.


Awesome! Shouldn't be too hard, it takes about 2 mins of not turning around for the creature to get you. To be safe, just do a 360 every minute or so XD

i like it make more

Nice idea. It would be better if i can enter the house.

Loved the atmosphere although I had no clue how to shake the enemy once the music starts. 



It was so scary and weird!

And it was fun!

thanks so much for playing our game!

Hey! Part of your game is also available on my channel's fun video! 


Wow! This one really surprised me. The whole game has such a great tense atmosphere and it never felt like just a walking simulator with the ambient effects and music. I loved it! I played it on my channel, starts at 17:35 in this video.

Good game



A little slow and I think I found a bug in one of the fences near the first house with dead cows, you see in the video. I think it would improve the exploration to be able to control the camera with the mouse and would add more tension to the movement on the sides of the first section. The aesthetics of the game is very good and the cresccendo of the music is incredible, good work!


I thought someone was running up behind me at the end.

A really scary experience. Good job.


here they come... 

I don't know what grabbed me at the end but I couldn't finish it.

Creepy and atmospheric game that had me feeling like I was being followed the entire time. Really gave me the heebies :P Keep it up guys!

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What a crazy unique and fun experience! I really enjoyed giving it a try! Please consider watching my play-though and giving the video a like! 

Heya, thanks so much for playing our game! You actually got really close to the end, you have to turn around periodically to scare away the thing following you :)

Awww dang! Still very cool little game! I guess there were context clues like the music and flickering lights now that I look over it but still I really enjoyed the atmosphere! Looking forward to seeing more!

The bus literally reached the end of the line hahaha I love me some jam games, especially when it can capture such a spooky-factor within a short amount of time for development. This did just that! I also loved how the experience was capped-off with the 'inevitable'!

Great work! 

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This game was an absolute treat to play, great atmosphere and slow progression of events which built up the tension with a great final pay off. 10/10

Freaked myself out playing this XD i really liked it, i also kind of caused a glitch and got stuck because of it but i break many games, maybe it's just me XD

Creepy little game. I enjoyed it. Thanks!


A Long Walk Home

Custom Thumbnail created by Jaboblu 2020

Cool game. I have never been scared of trees in my life. 

This game was really immersive 

A long walk home... But never actually get there...


I'm not sure if I reached the end or not, I played it 2 times and both times some hands appeared out of nowhere and grabbed me, then the game restarts.

keep walking until you die

This game was awesome bro

after seeing some other gameplays of this, I realize that I definitely didn't see everything this game has to offer. However, I really enjoyed the amount that I did see!


Very spooky game!!! I enjoyed the atmosphere. Not really a jumpscare-y type game which I like!!! 

This game scared the crap out of me. Well done 

go to 05:09 to see the gameplay

It actually got me pretty good haha

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